Video Analysis Tutorials - One Plane from Down the Line

by Jim Hardy12. January 2010 13:57

This is the first of a four part series of tutorials on video-based analysis.  We’ve had a lot of inquiries from our instructors and students on what the proper lines are to draw when analyzing one plane and two plane golf swings.  Hence, we thought we would create a blog series of them.  Also, since the video format for some of our past blogs seemed to generate a lot of positive feedback, we’ve decided to make this series video-based. 

We will be doing four tutorials.  We will do a “Down the Line” and a “Face On” view for both the One Plane swing and the Two Plane swing.  While there are many lines and points of analysis that can be used, the ones we review in the video are the most common.   For those of you who use our analysis software, we will put these videos on the download page on our site in that format.  That way you can store these videos in your library and pull them up for reference when you are doing your own analysis.

Lastly, please note in these videos that we do not necessarily only use swings that are purely “textbook” One Plane and Two Plane swings, but instead use swings that are interesting and effective.  In other words, these swings demonstrate a lot of the key characteristics of pure one or two plane swings but also may have some unusual compensating moves.  Remember….the biggest key is having a swing that produces a correct, repetitive impact and therefore, a correct ball flight. 

This is a rather large file (57mb) and is about 10 minutes long.  If you are on a slow internet connection, please give the video time to load.