Swing Analysis of Matt Kuchar - part 1

by chicago21. April 2011 15:07

Due to Matt Kuchar's great play of late and recent win at the Turning Stone Resort Championship, there have been requests to do a video blog of his golf swing.  I first started working with Matt in 2006 when he was on the Nationwide Tour.  He finished 10th on the money list that year and earned a trip back to the PGA TOUR.  He has steadily climbed the money list each year with 2009 being the best of his career.  We hit it off straightaway because I was the first to tell him I loved his backswing and our focus would be on the downswing.  Of the work we have put in I would say 80% has been to improve his downswing and therefore his impact and ball flight.  The way his arms work in the backswing is natural for him and we have spent maybe 5% of our time in that area with the other 15% of backswing work dealing with how the body movement works.

The video analysis I have done is quite lengthy, so we have divided it up into two video blogs.  Part 1 deals with why so many people view Matt's swing as overly flat and I do not.  When a golf swing is too flat the golfer struggles hooking, hitting thin, and launching the ball in the air.  He no longer struggles with any of these issues.  Many commentators have said he has the flattest swing in professional golf.  In this first part, I show comparisons of Matt against others to show why I think he is no where near the flattest swing in professional golf.  Other instructors and golfers focus on the arms and club and I feel this is where a one plane swing gets deemed flat.  If you were to focus on the body I think you would find a two plane swing is amazingly flat.

In part 2 I will discuss the things we have focused on in the past year with regards to Matt's golf swing.  Where appropriate, I will draw some lines and angles to illustrate.  I cover how we steepened his shoulder turn in the backswing by getting him to load into his right gluteus muscle.  I explain how his left arm position at the top makes it easier for him to find the inner circle.  In the downswing I speak of his tendency to hip thrust and how we worked on that to help him find the inner circle.  I hope you find it informative and beneficial in some way to your game.