Chris Lebiedz

After caddying on the LPGA tour for 10 years, I have spent the last 15 concentrating on teaching all skill levels of players.  Here is what I think is important:

1)  People learn in different ways- visual, kinesthetic and verbal.  The key is to tap into someone's learning style to help him or her learn faster.

2)  I always work with where the student is and balance both sides of the golf swing- there is not one mold to put you in.

3)  If I have to, I'll find new and creative ways to get the student to understand and feel the modifications.

4)  I never stop learning to bring you the best and simplest ways to take you where you want to go with your golf game.

  • Graduate, University of Florida  B.S.  in Business Administration
  • Member of the Lady Gator Golf Team
  • Played mini tours for 3 years after college
  • Caddied on the LPGA Tour for 10 years, 3 wins with Sherri Turner
  • Class A Member of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Division
  • First Certified Plane Truth Instructor in the Northeast

Chris Lebiedz Teaching Professional

Pine Meadow Golf Club 1 Pine Meadow Lane Mundelein,IL,60060